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Digital Marketing Course A 

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About course

This course will teach you about Search engine Optimization and Affiliate Marketing. The objective is to show you how Internet based marketing is done using website as the medium. You can use the acquired skills to earn as a freelancer and grow in any career of your choice.



Self Paced

Total Lectures




Avg. Length

12 Mins

What you will learn

Create your own website without
excessive complex coding

Instructions on how to create website on wordpress

Rank your website on google
search results

Perform SEO of your website. 

Earn with your website

using Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Course details

Module 01

Introducing 4 mediums of digital marketing, the benefits of doing digital marketing, and a comprehensive explanation of how websites work

Module 02

Describing how a search engine works, the role of keyword research, and explanation of On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, and Off-Page SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation
Module 03
Affiliate Marketing

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing and why choosing Amazon is the best option to start working as an affiliate.

Module 04
Affilitate Website

Building a website without any complex coding. Doing SEO for that website and registering it as an amazon affiliate to make it profitable.


medhavi 1.jpg
Medhavi Jethi, 8th class

I like the course very much. I think it's very new for students. My friends also liked it.

Kavish Kaushal, 11th Class

Shubham sir has explained every concept so easily. I am creating my first blog website.

Isht Khullar, 11th class

Very Knowledgeable Videos. I got to know a lot about websites

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