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New Indian generation
deserves a chance to explore

powerful technological skillsets

Our Courses

नई भारतीय पीढ़ी
शक्तिशाली तकनीकी विद्वाओं
को जानने की हकदार है।

Artificial Intelligence

Learn about machine learning and its implications

Available Dec 2021

Digital Marketing

An instructional series that will teach you different types of digital marketing techniques. 

Design Thinking

Establish design in everyday life and learn the fundamentals of visual design and design thinking.

Available Dec 2021

Our teaching philosophy

Educational Animations

Study shows that using animations can make learning faster and easier. We use 2d animations, typography effects, Motion graphics, diagrams and vector elements to explain complex concepts.

Chalkboard with Different Languages

We believe in the power of engaging visuals and
self-paced learning. 

Dual Language 

Every child has a different way of consuming information. We want our students to become better in english but at the same time they all should be able to understand concepts in their spoken language. 

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Cannot stress on it enough! Stories are the best way to explain difficult or complicated ideas. We use it throughout our courses to make sure a child of any caliber can understand easily. 

“Tell me a fact and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”

- Ed Sabol, Film maker & founder of NFL films

Screen Recordings

We don't just teach theoretical part. We explain by examples using live screen recordings and clear instructions on how to perform various tasks and steps. 

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medhavi 1.jpg
Medhavi Jethi, 8th class

I like the course very much. I think it's very new for students. My friends also liked it.

Kavish Kaushal, 11th Class

Shubham sir has explained every concept so easily. I am creating my first blog website.

Isht Khullar, 11th class

Very Knowledgeable Videos. I got to know a lot about websites

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