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Hi there,
We are edsots.

We are an ed-tech company working in the direction to teach specially designed digital skills-based courses to students who are aged between 13-21. 

Why students should learn digital skills?
Why students should learn digital skills?

Why we exist?

To empower young Indian minds with the skills that will make them digitally literate, innovative and future ready

Now Imagine, 

What if we empower our new generation with skills they can use in whatsoever career they choose?

What if we teach school going students about versatile skills that can make them aware of future even before they experienced it?


What if make our students self-independent and show what it means to earn via multiple sources?


Every year, we see Indian students & parents spend hard earned income on schooling, graduation and masters degrees. And 70 - 80% of them fails to get their desirable jobs because either they lack relevant skillset or due to unpredictable industry. It is devastating to know that someone who is studying since a little kid and 20 years later still figuring out their career.


That is why came in existence to share knowledge about subjects that will make the future of young Indian generation future proof.

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